They’re always brave.

They’re always brave.

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AU: Merlin meets the Doctor in the distant future and hopes he could go back and prevent Arthur’s death, but even a Timelord cannot reunite them again. 

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“Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness.”


“Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness.”
“I’m not sad.”
“Then why are you crying?”

Spent many, many hours livestreaming and working on this painting - my tribute and goodbye to the magnificent Amy Pond (and how she inspired the greatest painter that ever lived!) I of course purposely researched Van Gogh works such as Starry Night and Sunflowers and would like to think if Amy stayed for a portrait, Vincent painted something like this.

“The Song of Your Sadness” is a companion piece to “The Roar of Our Stars.


It’s Who Week! We start off with an order I got this week from Baby Mason and his Whovian parents who wanted to celebrate his 3rd birthday is true who style.

With a Winnie the Pooh/Doctor Who crossover cake! I just love crossover cakes.

The quality parent’s wanted the cake based on this T-shirt (Which I had trouble tracking down, but eventually found the true artist. Thanks, Google Images!)

They also thought Tigger needed a companion- So in steps Piglet the crafty Dalek, made from things he found around his house.

Tigger and Piglet are free standing fondant/chocolate figures and the POLISE BOCS is made from chocolate-hazelnut cake with tri-chocolate buttercream.

More photos in the Facebook album!


It broke me up, their performance. The reality of the way they played that sequence was absolutely extraordinary. You can see they almost look at each other but they’re only looking at empty spaces and it seems extraordinary but I think they played that absolutely truthfully. It’s a brilliant piece of work.- Graeme Harper (Episode Director of Doctor Who Series 2: Doomsday)







if the weeping angels started a band it would be don’t blink 182

silence will fall out boy

cobra tardis

my chemical roman

boys like gallifreyans

The Who


Remember when Martha fast-forwarded through parts of the video in Human Nature and Family of Blood?

This is what she was actually fast-forwarding through.

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